Five Star Sandwich Structured Traininging in Slovakia

All Subject Teachers Refresher with School Attachement

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  1. Structured Course:

Five Star Sandwich Structured Training Course- Intensive

28.1.-3.2.2018  * date confirmed!

21-27.10. 2018

Five Component Course:

Personal Development, Creative Methodology, Cultural Studies of Slovakia, Guided Excursions & Practical School Attachment

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Languages of the course: Slovak, Hungarian, English, Spanish, German, French 

/School Attachment at the bilingual or monnoligual schools is part of the course/

This course was the result the strong need of teachers needing to develop on four platforms: Personal, Creativity, Cultural Awareness and Practical Classroom Management Skills.

This course is aimed at native and non-native speakers of EU languages teaching:

  • L5   Students aged 14 – 19 (All Secondary/Vocational Schools)
  • L6 Pupils aged 3 – 15 (Nursery, Primary Schools)

Particularly suitable for teachers of non-linguistic subjects (e.g. Maths, Science, ICT, RE, PE, Afternoon Club, as well as VET Subjects and Special Needs & Psychology Consultancy, etc.)

Suitable for teachers of foreign languages, especially EFL, GFL, IFL, SFL, RFL teachers


This course is aimed at providing native and non-native speakers of EU languages /Slovak, Czech, German, English, Hungarian, Spanish, French/ with insights into their own and colleagues' teaching practice in a pan-European context by means of one week practical attachment in an appropriate Slovak school, followed by afternoons of intense structured training composing of Personal Development classes, Creative Methodology approach to all teaching subjects. The course also contains some insight of the cultural and historical studies of Slovakia.


Personal Development, Creative Methodology, Excursions and Cultural Course: (7 Full Training Days) Interactive structured sessions, combining a range of input modes, encouraging participants to contribute their own research and experience. Special session involving creative methodology and cultural support for the School Attachment. Non-formal educational activities, experimental group work, discussions, round table debates and project presentations are included in the first week sessions.

School Attachment /Part of the Course/: (5 of 7 Training Mornings:  Monday-Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) - guided observations, working with Host Teacher(s), directed tasks, team teaching and assignments.

School Attachment Specific Preparation

  • Each Applicant completes a detailed Application Form including teaching background.
  • Each Applicant completes a detailed professional Needs Analysis.
  • Each Applicant obtains a copy of their national Criminal Record.
  • Detailed written advice is given to the teacher on obtaining a copy of their Criminal Record. 
  • These details are sent to the Host School.
  • Detailed written advice is given to the teacher on the School Attachment.
  • Detailed written advice is given to the Host School on the School Attachment.
  • Great care and professional expertise is taken by ACTION TRAINERS and the Host School in “matching“ visiting teacher and host school.


 Pre-Course Preparative Modalities:

  • On-line Language Level Assessment /if applicable/
  • Needs Analysis
  • On-Line Participants’ Forum
  • Pre-Course Cultural Counselling
  • Pre-Course EU Practical Arrangements

 Practical Arrangements

Intra-Course Modalities provided by the Course Provider

  • ACTION TRAINING Personal Tutor and Course Tutor
  • Pedagogic Learning Materials Included
  • Exchange of Best Practice
  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback
  • Pastoral Care, 24 hr Emergency Number
  • Accommodation Service
  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits

 Four Star Sandwich Course Programme Support

  • Each participant has a one-week three element structured course
  • Each participant is given a personal Tutor to prepare their

          School Attachment with cultural, educational and practical guidance.

  • There is a “Training Officer” in the school. (Head Teacher, Assistant Head

          Teacher, Head of Department, International Officer or Training Manager)

  • Each participant has a “Host Teacher” in the school.
  • Each participant is given a daily timetable according to their Needs Analysis.
  • Specific and generalist aims are catered for.

Clean Criminal Record

Visiting teachers need to show evidence of no criminal convictions.

Follow Up Provided Post-Course Modalities

  • Four Star Sandwich Course Certificate of Achievement and Attendance
  • Europass Mobility
  • Post-Course Forum

Applicant Dissemination and Exploitation Advice

Sandwich Course Programme:

  1. 1.     Structured Course Full 7 Days

 Minimum 30.5 clock hours contact training hours, maximum class size 12

 Saturday              Travel and arrival, accommodation

Sunday                 13.30 - 15.00 2 Training Sessions: Opening, Needs Analysis,

/Day 1/                  Introduction to the topics

                            *Including Private Study

                           *Including Cultural and Practical Attachment Preparatory Session

 Saturday              9.30-11.00 Two Training Sessions: Evaluation and Feedback,

/Day 7/                  Final Output Presentations, Closing Ceremony

  1. 2.     Practical School Attachment During the Week

 The Practical Attachment will be within the age-range taught by the participant as shown on their Application Form or the age range of their school. The Host Teacher will be in the teaching subject/professional area of the participant.

 Each day 08.00 to 15.00:

 Mon – Fri Mornings        8.00 – 12.00 Class Observation, Classroom Assisting, Team   

/Days 2-6/                    Teaching, Lesson Preparation, Assessing Pupils' Work,

                                   Material Research and Liaison with Host Teacher

                                  *Feedback Session

Afternoons                         13.30 - 15.00 Training Sessions:

/Days 2-6/                          Introduction to the topics

School Attachment Preparatory Sessions & Feedback Sessions will include

advice, help and strategies for achieving Needs Analysis Aims.

*Liaison with the Host Teacher will include identifying individual needs & areas of professional interest.

 Sunday                 Departure and travel home


  • Personal development and creative methodology enhancement
  • Improved confidence in lesson delivery
  • Insights from pedagogic and cultural exchange (the European Dimension)
  • New teaching strategies, skills and activities including the use of ITC
  • Personal development and creative methodology
  • Extension of knowledge of learning styles
  • Increased awareness of methodological approaches and resources
  • How to integrate new and traditional strategies into successful classroom practice
  • Knowledge of the Slovak National curriculum and comparative benefits

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Course Price:

10 Day Course price 700 EUR 

7 Day Course price 490 EUR

                           +100 EUR Booking Fee

Course Dates:

22-28.10.2017 as 7 day super intense or 22.10-4.11.2017 as 10 day training with free weekend.


Middle Slovakia Region

Price: 590 EUR /Full Board, single room, 8 nights/

Situated in carefully selected Congress Center /with Wellness and Cultural Package/

                             Slovakia 2