Alghero IT 23.09.- 29.09.2018

ACTION TRAINING by ACTION SCHOOL                 PIC: 947193361


This course was produced for pre-school, primary and secondary teachers; teachers of schools and units for pupils with Special Educational Needs. Course is also applicable to Educational managers and advisors, teacher trainers and educational psychologists dealing with inclusive teaching.

Our primary aim is to enable participating teachers to widen their horizons in inclusive teaching. Special needs and behavioural difficulties are often met in our classes and we need to be able to deal with it. Specific learning difficulties like: Dyslexia, Asperger Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder /ADHD/ need individual attention and well skilled teacher who can accommodate their learning. Understanding students with Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Asperger’s Syndrome will help teachers to create suitable activities in order to promote successful inclusive teaching where every learner can benefit.

Practical workshops in the afternoon will enable the participants to experience the activities of alternative approaches as well as create authentic materials to take home.


Pre-course Preparative Modalities:

  • On-line Language Level Assessment if the teacher’s native language is not  English (optional)
  • Needs Analysis
  • Pre-Course Reading List
  • On-Line Participants’ Forum
  • Pre-Course Cultural Counselling
  • Pre-Course Practical Arrangements

Practical Arrangements

Intra-Course Modalities offered by the Course Provider

  • Course Tutor
  • Pedagogic Learning Materials Included
  • Exchange of Best Practice
  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback
  • Pastoral Care, 24 hr Emergency Number
  • Accommodation Service
  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits

Follow up provided

Post-Course Modalities

  • An Action Training Certificate of Attendance and Achievement
  • An SPE1-15 Course Professional Profile
  • Europass Mobility
  • Post-Course Forum
  • Applicant Dissemination and Exploitation Advice

Inclusive Teaching: special needs and behavioral difficulties:

The practical morning sessions will focus on special needs of learners and behavioural difficulties that teachers face in everyday teaching. New trends as using drama techniques in special needs education will bring some great ideas for all participants.

The practical afternoon sessions will bring up some more practical ideas for suitable activities in Inclusive teaching as well as more understanding of the role of a teacher dealing with special needs and behavioural difficulties. 

The Course Tutor will receive and discuss feedback in an afternoon session.

Sample Programme

This is a sample of a schedule which can be adapted to suit the participants’ needs.

Seven-day Course - Total number of course contact hours: 23 hours



Lunch Break


Day One


**Free morning

Cultural or social program

*Welcome Opening

Needs analysis and goal settings

*13.00 -15.30

Day Two


Introduction to the topic: Inclusive learning, special needs,

behavioural difficulties

New Trends in Inclusive learning and modern diagnosing methods

Day Three


Specific Learning Difficulties and their manifestation in the classroom 1

Specific Learning Difficulties and their manifestation in the classroom 2

Day Four


Recognising and working with

different learning styles:

MI and NLP

Overcoming and unlocking learning

blocks and limiting beliefs

Day Five


Strategies and teaching techniques to help engage

“difficult” and special needs students.

Psycho-analytic theories and their

relevance to teachers

Day Six


Behaviour Management  

And Behavioural change techniques.

Challenging Boredom: creating an activity database for practical use

 Drama techniques


Day Seven


Feedback and

course evaluation

Outcome presentations


Closing ceremony

**Free program

Course revision

Social program


EVENING PROGRAM 17.00 – 19.30: Social activities, Movie Evenings and Crafts - *voluntary

Seven-day training:        Total of 27 course contact hours


Competences acquired by participants:

-          Acquisition of various learning difficulties and their diagnosing

-          Learn new creative activities that promote inclusive learning, drama techniquest for special needs pupils

-          Acquisition of techniques for overcoming and unblocking learning blocks and   limiting beliefs

-          Greater European awareness of modern trends in inclusive teaching

-          Improvement in conflict managing techniques

-          Greater awareness of cultural diversity

-          Improvement of personal English Language skills for non-native English speakers



Course Fee                                    490 EUR

Organisational Fee                     100 EUR

Hotel Accommodation /Breakfast/ 590 EUR