A Creative Approach to the teaching of Religious Education

Course Ref:  CRE1-15

This course is taught in English  Entry Levels English CEF B1+ to C1+

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Daily Teaching Sessions

Morning: 4 x 45 minutes (3 hours) - Methodology in Practice

Afternoon: 2 x 45 minutes

(1 hour 30 minutes) CRE1-15 Methodology & Teaching Strategies

This course is aimed at practising teachers of Religious Education (RE) desiring to develop and refresh their teaching practice. It is designed for all denominational RE teachers in the European Union and in focussing on creative approaches, is suitable for teaching Religious Education within any kind of curriculum. The course is primary and secondary RE subject specific.

 This course, aimed at non-native speakers of English, is designed for Religious Education teachers of learners in primary or secondary education aged from 4 upwards.

 Our primary aim is to enable the participating teachers to widen their horizons in teaching Religious Education as a subject and present essential creative approaches to the subject. Emphasis on creativity will include some important methods of highly effective pedagogy.

Comparison of all the different approaches to the subject around Europe will be a great benefit. Sharing ideas, experiences and best practice of participants will bring the European dimension to the structured course.


Pre-course Preparative Modalities:

  • On-line Language Level Assessment
  • Needs Analysis
  • Pre-Course Reading List
  • On-Line Participants’ Forum
  • Pre-Course Cultural Counselling
  • Pre-Course Practical Arrangements

Practical Arrangements

Intra-Course Modalities offered by the Course Provider

  • Course Tutor
  • Pedagogic Learning Materials Included
  • Exchange of Best Practice
  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback
  • Pastoral Care, 24 hr Emergency Number
  • Accommodation Service
  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits

 Follow up provided

 Post-Course Modalities

  • An Action Training Certificate of Attendance and Achievement
  • An CRE1-15 Course Professional Profile
  • Europass Mobility
  • Post-Course Forum
  • Applicant Dissemination and Exploitation Advice


Creative RE Methodology

Morning sessions will be devoted a creative approach to the teaching of Religious Education. In four modules the morning lectures will take participants through reasons, new trends and resources, non-formal education activities and the effective use of technologies. The Highly Effective Pedagogy will show the participants activities to use in RE classes. The course emphasis is practical, focusing on strategies, methods, skills and activities to use in the classroom. The theoretical part supporting these techniques is introduced where appropriate. Furthermore, the school visit will widen horizons of all participants who will evaluate methods observed at school.

An added benefit is an increase in personal fluency in English as a Foreign Language. The CRE1-15 tutor will receive and discuss feedback in an afternoon session.

Overview of the European RE teaching approaches

Afternoon sessions cover some essential studies on the content and approach of RE subject teaching in various European countries. The difference of curriculum varies according to the religious background of the country as well as the level of the religious freedom. Creative methods used for presenting the European studies on the RE subject (that brings a wide European dimension and share of best practise into the structured course) will be shown as some great examples that can be inspiring.

Sample Programme

This is a sample of a schedule which can be adapted to suit the participants’ needs.

Seven-day Course - Total number of course contact hours: 28 hours


Competences acquired by participants:

-          Improvement of personal English Language skills

-          English for R.E. Teaching

-          Greater cultural awareness

-          Development in creative approaches to RE subject teaching

-          Greater European awareness of the RE subject curriculum taught in various


-          Finding new resources of online materials for the RE teaching

-          Networking between the European RE teachers

The course aims to provide the participants with the strategies, skills and activities to equip every participating RE teacher to produce creative, effective and well organised humanity lectures. Morning sessions will improve the direct methodology, evening sessions will focus on the share of the best practise through comparison of all the RE teaching approaches round Europe. The European study of RE curriculums will contribute the European development of the specific subject teaching. Both sessions will improve personal and language skills and fluency of English language as well as cultural awareness.



Day One



Day Three


Day Four


Day Five


Day Six


Day Seven





Personal Devotion

/voluntary Church visits or other spiritual and social program


Why and how –

Highly Effective Pedagogy in RE teaching




Methodology RE teaching I.


Topic Related

Visit to a

Slovak School /during school year/ or

Expert Guest Speaker Topic Related Workshops


New Trends & Resources –





Creative Methodology RE teaching II.


How to Apply

Non-formal Activities to Formal RE Class.



Creative Methodology RE teaching III.


Effective Use of Technology





Creative Methodology in RE teaching IV.


Feedback and

course evaluation







Closing ceremony














Introduction to EU RE Teaching


 *13.00 -15.30


Introduction to the Eastern European RE Teaching in the School System, Preparation for the School Visit.


City Excursion – Guided Tour


Round Table Discussion




Overview of the various European RE teaching approaches


European RE Curriculum comparison  


Devotional tips, Teacher well-being


Stress management


Classroom management


 Personal devotion

/Course revision


Social program


Course Dates:

September 10 - September 16, 2017


Price: 1180 EUR

7 Day Course price 490 EUR

                          +100 EUR Booking Fee

Accommodation /Full Board, single room - 8 nights/ 590 EUR